Dreamload Classic Client

Dreamload Classic Client 1.4797

You can easily install Dreamload Classic in a directory of your choice
1.4797 (See all)
Dreamload LCC.

Dreamload works not only with conventional computers, but also with your satellite or cable receiver. The client for the Dreambox series enables you to download video material directly to the internal hard disk. Subsequently, you can play back the material directly on your TV set in premium image quality.
Before you install the Dreamload client, please ensure the following components have been installed. If they are not available, Dreamload will not work correctly and you will be unable to use the full range of functions provided by Dreamload:
* VLC Media Player Version 1.0
Dreamload’s preview function cannot be used without the VLC Media Player, which can be obtained free of charge.
* Image Mastering API v2.0 (IMAPIv2.0) (only for Windows XP)
If IMAPIv2.0 is not installed, you will be unable to utilize Dreamload’s Media Center on Windows XP.

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